Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gugelhupf Form

Wanted to try my gugelhupf form for quite some time. Today IS the day. 

The reader is left to his/her imagination what the other part of the cake looked like in the end. I thought, NOW is also the chance to make cake balls or cake pops. But, I simply don't have time and energy anymore.

Was supposed to be a birthday present. Still brought the other part of the cake and didn't give it directly to the celebrant. R sprinkled powdered sugar on it and it was oh well...looked much better. As to the part of the cake stuck to the form, that'll be my snack. :p
Stuck on you

I greased and floured the form.
I waited 10 minutes for it to cool. Hmm....maybe my favorite recipe is not suitable for the form.
Or perhaps next time, simply grease the form.

Additional Note:
This form is not suitable for my carrot cake recipe. When I washed the form, I even had to scrub the crumbs off the form even after soaking it in water.

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