Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ruins of Kastelburg, Waldkirch

Waldkirch Train Station
I have been at this train station several times. When I first saw the building, I was impressed. But the more you see something, sometimes, you just take it for granted. Yesterday saw it once again since a long time. I still find the architecture pretty and interesting. 

Kastelburg is about 1.5 km from the train station. There are  directions pointing to where it is. Good thing because I didn't come prepared. There are 8 knights along the trail that leads to the ruins.
A knight found along the trail

Tower of Kastelburg
Kastelburg was built around 1250. In 1634, it was destroyed by fire. Since 2002, it is under renovation.

Part of the ruins of Kastelburg
 I like this part a lot. One can look through the "windows" and see what one wants to see. You can see the city of Waldkirch, you can see part of the forest, you can see the roads, etc. I had a hard time choosing which part I truly wanted to see. 

Do you see the three holes on the bottom part of the photo? While there, two holes were occupied by two kids reading books. Each hole fits a little girl in a sitting position. I thought it was quite cute and sweet.

View from the tower

Inside the tower

A sign posted outside the tower stated enter at your own risk. I almost didn't want to go up. Though the wooden steps looked sturdy enough, just that the steps are a bit higher than usual. It helped that every now and then, there are holes where one can take a rest (or where one can appreciate the view).

For a change of scenery, took another route back to the train station. Surprisingly, it was so short. We no longer saw any knights and before we knew it, we saw the road in front of us. 


  1. Very good account! I also visted that place without good preparation, in early July. I liked it,too. We hiked on a little mountain path to get there, starting with a hospital; only saw one knight but there have been road signs all along.

  2. Hello Anonymous, thanks for your comment. You guys could also visit Hochburg Castle which is also nearby. It is in Emmendingen. It is much bigger than this one. :)