Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bitter Pill

Where I live in the Philippines, the market can be easily reached by foot. When we buy local fruits, they are normally ready to eat.
I miss papaya. From what I know, there are two types of papaya: one with color yellow inside and one with the color orange inside. I prefer the latter.
I have never bought papaya in Germany. I found that those from Brazil have the same type that I like. I went to the grocery one day and saw papayas from Brazil on sale. I was ecstatic.
I bought one even though it was still green. I read that putting the fruit with a banana in a brown paper bag helps to ripen it. I did just that. After a few days, it was still green. Then days became weeks. 
Second Week of Waiting
After 3 excruciating long weeks, it was somewhat yellow and one end even showed mold. I figured, it was ready to eat. I cut it and lo and behold, the fruit looked a bit dry inside. Undaunted, I took a bite. It was BITTER! Never had I tasted papaya that was bitter. I didn’t even know that it could have such a taste.
Such a long wait just to get a taste of a bitter papaya........

Third Week of Waiting
IDEA: What about papaya with sugar? Tried it and oh well, better than none at all.
Papaya with Sugar, Anyone?

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