Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dezember 6 ist Nikolaustag

Ich habe es niemals gefeiert. Kein Wunder gibt es verschiedene Schokolade mit Nikolaus an diesem Zeitraum jedes Mal im Supermarkt. Die Kinder bekommen Schokolade, Süßigkeiten, Obst, Nüße am Dezember 6. 


Never celebrated The Day of St. Nicholas. My association with St. Nicholas is the song "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" which I enjoyed immensely as a kid. As far as I know, we neither have it nor celebrate it. Our stockings would be filled on the eve of Dec. 24 when Santa comes and that's it. Here, the kids get gifts on Dec 6 and also for Christmas. Wow, lucky to be a kid in this part of the world. 

Our "St. Nick" was here and left us with apples, walnuts, and pumpkins. These will surely last for the whole winter. Thanks A, our St. Nick! That said, adults get gifts on this day, too!

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