Wednesday, December 7, 2011


People have asked me if our place is decorated in tune with the season. I didn't think of decorating at all. Last year, I made a homemade Advent calendar. For unknown reason, we forgot to open the majority of the 'surprise' notes that I figured, this year I simply don't want to put my energy to waste. 
About 2 weeks ago, I helped out by decorating pots/boots to be sold for the Christmas season. It came to mind that if I help others do it, I should also do something similar at home. The forest is just about the corner. I had twigs/leaves here and a few nuts there. The final result is a combination of Fall and Winter motifs on a glass plate.
Table Decoration
The second Advent is over but we didn't light up our candles. If we light them up or not in the end, it hardly matters. It is a nice feeling to have a simple meal with a beautiful decoration to look at. And that is very much enough for me.

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