Sunday, March 4, 2012

Staufen - City of Faust in Breisgau

Reasons why I wanted to go to Staufen:
1. Short trip from Freiburg
2. Some of the buildings and houses have cracks. 
3. Supposedly pretty sceneries
We finally went to Staufen. So, why are there cracks in some of the buildings and houses? Before this trip, didn't exactly inform myself. I merely thought it was because of architectural/structural flaws of the buidings/houses themselves. The real reason has something to do with the geothermal drillings done in 2007. Read more info under the official website of Staufen.
Zähringer Castle Ruin
From Staufen Main Station, it was about 1.5 km walk to Zähringer Castle Ruin. One can't miss the castle ruin when in Staufen. It is almost like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, everywhere you go, you see it. Going up takes about 15 minutes, with short photo stops. The view going up is scenic. You walk your way through vineyards. Every now and then, you can read signs informing you of the type of grape grown there, its characteristics, etc. 
Info about Gutedel
Main Entrance of the Castle Ruin
Inside the Tower --- How many people have walked this path?
View from the Top 
From Another Point of View
Short break. Then, it was time to go down. We took another road going down. When I saw a herd of sheeps, I couldn't help myself but sing "Baa, baa black Sheep, have you any wool, Yes sir yes sir, three bags full...." 
No Black Sheep Anywhere
What a Sight!
Next stop was the city center. Here are photos so you can imagine how it looks like. 
For Auntie F & R, who both love horses (made out of shoehorses!)
Have you been to Freiburg? If so, Staufen is kind of a little Freiburg in my opinion. Both have quaint shops and alleys. Both have "Bächle" or small canals running along the main center though Staufen has a more homey feel to it than Freiburg. 
Bächle or small canals
Sign of Hotel Krone..there is even a crown on top!!!
Sign of What Else...Hotel Sonne!
Weather Vane....Outstanding!!!
This weather vane is an eyecatcher for me. Instead of the usual rooster that we all know,  here is lady trying to hold on to her blown-away hat. 

Sign of a Tailor :)
Facade of the Town Hall/City Hall (Unfortunately with the famous cracks)
This is part of the homey feel I am talking about ..
Quite Unique on its Own
Isn't it so inviting?
I am quite surprised about Staufen. I didn't know that it is famous for Faust. It is supposedly here where he made a pact with the devil. One thing more I learned, the reason behind the cracks. 
Faust and the Devil ---Hotel Löwen
Staufen is definitely a place where I can imagine to go in Autumn or when the vineyards are full with grapes :) I am sure it would be even prettier then. It is a great half-day excursion for young and old alike. Okay, if one is into museums (e.g. Ceramic Museum), one may need a day. 
All in all, lots of stuffs to see in such a short time. 
Back at the train station...

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