Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quick and Easy: Yeast Bread, Chiffon Cupcake, Brownies

I have baked spelt yeast bread for the 4th time. I am still finding the best way to do it. When the search is over on how to optimize the recipe, will share it. The best thing about it: no rising time. Yipeeeeeee!!!!!! Mix everything and shove it in a cold oven. See, you don't even have to preheat the oven. Cool, huh? 

Baked this the first time. It reminded of "mamon" in PH. As seen from the photos, the others simply sunk while the others didn't. They were fluffy and light as air! Don't you hate it when you want to bake something but you don't have the proper pan or the proper pan size? Of course, you sit in front of the computer figuring out or surfing for the options.

I like bitter chocolate. I mean, bitter. I have made brownies thrice using the same recipe. suits my taste but sometimes, when I eat it, I wonder why I simply don't open up a bar of our favorite 85% dark chocolate and start munching on it. I tastes almost the same.

For all three, quick and easy recipes but still need improvement, mostly from my part.

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