Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Please tell me what you see

 It was supposed to be a circle, but I played with it and thought, wow, heart-shaped. Then, put the ribbon on top.

I see a heart with a ribbon. And you? M said he saw a big smiling mouth! When he said it, it came into my mind, partly true, like a clown's big mouth.

So, what do you see?
Coffee Cake
I have a love and hate relationship with yeast bread. After all, I like eating it. Making it? Hmmmmm.......did I say I like eating it? To make these two coffe cakes, it took me from 9 in the morning until around 4 in the afternoon. They had to rise twice. What a bummer! What was even worse was that I didn't get a taste of it! isn't that bad. Giving is in itself very rewarding so no need to taste (just that I had the guts to give it away the first time I made it. I hoped they were baked well and so on. The recipients were very happy about them so it means I can keep the recipe.
Not enough space on the kitchen counter

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