Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Heartwarming Story-- Or What I Think To Be :)

October 1997, Germany

This morning I went to try to buy a pair of winter boots for me.  I took about 1 hour checking out for one but something was always wrong with what i found. 
I was resigned to the fate that i have to find one soon before start of heavy snowfall, just not today as it wasn't meant to be, the shops close early, too, on Saturdays.
I tried walking to my new neighborhood to look for the church i plan to attend the next day.  I saw the church and saw the time of the service.  I walked in a different path than the one i used, to get to know my surrounding.
I saw an old lady sweeping the dried leaves on the open garage area.  I wanted to help her but I was afraid that my offer will also be rejected.  After thinking about it and passing her by for about 10 steps, I went back and asked if she needed help.  I was surprised she said yes.  She asked what I understood to be school.  Although I thought I am a bit too old to be in school, i answered that i go to this university.  She then told me no...she meant shoes......if my shoe size was 37.(Schule/Schuhe)  I was too surprised coz I felt as if she read my thought or could see the size of my feet and would know what size it is.  I felt odd that she didn't just let me start helping her.  She told me she has a pair of boots that she doesn't use anymore.  From what i understood, she was trying to sell me the shoes.  As a student and having the budget of one, I immediately said sorry but i don't have money.  I was afraid that she would force me into buying her shoes.  She told me that she is giving it to me for free.  I said yes if it fits.Then, i started helping her sweep for 3 minutes and went with her to her flat.  She told me that she planned to give it to the Red Cross and it is now even better coz she saw the beneficiary.  As you can very well imagine, I went back to the dorm with a thankful and grateful heart.  Not only did I get a pair of boots that I needed but ended up with a total of 3 pairs of shoes, 3 pieces of scarfs, a pullover and a cup of pudding :)))

p.s. The cup of pudding was the best treat...:p

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