Thursday, June 23, 2011

Puto/ Food Wishlist

Puto - Steamed Cake
We were given about a dozen of putos yesterday. If you ask me what puto is, it is steamed cake or even could be said to be one version of a Philippine muffin. I wrote only steamed cake because this one is made with regular flour, not rice flour. There are different versions of making it as always. It was soooo good and it does remind me back home. 

When I really, really crave for Filipino or Chinese food that I know, I have no choice but to look for the recipes in the internet or ask. Most likely, I don't know how to make it or haven't done it before. When I do have the recipe, then I make it. It is good that I don't crave or don't miss the food THAT much. If not, that would be terrible. It is almost always time-consuming from searching for the recipe to try to searching for the availability of ingredients.

There are so many food that I miss and would like to eat. Here are random thoughts that come into mind.

Egg Tart
Brazo de Mercedes - I will always associate it with my grandparents. 
Pichi Pichi
Spanish Bread
Almond Cake 
Black Gulaman 
Mango Sago
Hizon's Cake 
Sans Rival
Leche Flan
Char Siew
Kiam  Peng 
Ha Kaw
Radish Cake - of course with Hoisin sauce :)
Fresh Lumpia
Chicken Pie

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