Sunday, September 11, 2011

Salted Egg / Itlog na Maalat / Gesalzenes Ei

The past days, I have been much into eggs. I wanted to eat egg tarts, salted eggs, chinese-style steamed egg cake, steamed egg (蒸水蛋), etc. Since I can't do everything at the same time, I had to choose which ones to do first. I thought why not salted eggs.
Notes on how I did it.

One Liter of Water: One-Fourth kg of Salt (Rock salt, sea salt, normal cooking salt)
Large Eggs (Chicken eggs or duck eggs)
1 TBSP of wine for every liter of water (optional, to have oily egg yolks)

1. Mix salt and water in a pot. Heat the solution until salt is dissolved. 
2. Take about one tablespoon full of salt. Stir into the solution. After about 2 minutes, if it dissolves, continue step 2. Continue until the salt could no longer be dissolved.
3. Turn off heat and bring the brine solution to room temperature.
4. While waiting, wash eggs with water and check for cracks. Don't use eggs that have cracks. Pat or wipe dry.
5. Put eggs into a clean container with cover (plastic or glass will do). 
6. Pour brine solution into the container.
7. Wait for 20 to 30 days.
Salt can be seen below
The way my pot looked like after pouring out the solution
By that time, I would know what recipes I would use the salted eggs for.
Eggs should be submerged in the brine solution. I used a mini saucer to keep the eggs from floating.

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